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Kyle Wagner

Kyle Wagner is a freelance writer, editor, and restaurant consultant. A Pittsburgh native, she put herself through journalism school by cooking in restaurants, which she quickly realized was the best way to eat great food for free. A move to Denver in 1993 sparked 21 years as a food writer and travel editor. She spent nine of those years as restaurant critic at Westword until she moved to The Denver Post to be their food critic, writer, and recipe developer, and in time, their travel editor -- a position she held until late 2014 when she decided to see what she would like to be when she grows up.

She has been a reviewer for the Fodor's Guide to Colorado for more than a decade and currently works as a freelance writer, leading workshops and sharing her years of experience both as a writer and an editor to others looking to break into the travel writing market.

When she’s not working (if you can call getting paid to travel the world “work”), she races mountain bikes. This year will be her third attempt at getting the buckle in the Leadville 100 mountain bike race.

In her own words:

I am happiest when:I am rafting on a river for days and am unreachable.
The best thing I ever did: I have two daughters who somehow turned out to be fun loving, adventurous, easygoing, and serious foodies who are fascinated by the world. It's like I handcrafted two best friends!
Something people don’t know about me: I can strip a cow of its milk in record time. (Right after college, I worked at a small dairy farm in Evans City, PA.)
Best adventure: Life! Even when it’s a challenge, it’s the best trip there is to be on.