By Wendy VanHatten, for The Right Way to Travel

At TouristTravel.com, you’ll find The Traveler, that site’s monthly e-letter, which has been around since 1999 and is a great online travel resource.  Tom Schueneman, the owner, editor, and publisher, is also a freelance travel writer and a friend of the Great Escape Publishing. He travels extensively and publishes his own work as well as that of other travel writers.

In fact, Writer’s Weekly rated The Traveler one of the best places for new writers to get published. While the pay isn’t grand — up to $40 per feature article — an article published here does provide you an attractive clip to wave around. And, in the online world where many publications don’t pay anything, $40 is pretty good.

Tom is an acquaintance of mine, and I’ve written for The Traveler myself. So I can say with confidence: Follow his writer’s guidelines.

No point in submitting a 1,500-word article if the guidelines state that your article must be 1,000 words or less (and they do). Most articles run 400 to 600 words. You can also submit short tips, alerts, and advisories. Good-quality photographs are always welcome, though there is no additional pay for them.

For the full guidelines, email: guidelines@touristtravel.com. You’ll receive an auto-response by-email, which contains a note from Tom with guidelines and comments about what he’s looking for.

When you write for TouristTravel.com, tell your story from a unique point of view, entertain, and inform your reader. And be sure to include generous amounts of practical details — the nuts and bolts of how you did what you did so the reader, if he wishes, can follow in your footsteps. Always check your facts.

I know Tom has a sense of humor. So if you can integrate a few laughs into your piece, do it.

This is a great publication to target if you’re building your clip file. I know Tom — like most editors — likes to have a stable of writers he can turn to repeatedly. So once you’ve had something published in The Traveler, you’re likely to find him receptive to additional pieces from you. If he can use them, he will.

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