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Several of our readers have landed their first byline at This week Susan Beverley, editor of offers advice about the smartest way to get published there. In fact, she covers three possible outlets for your articles —

Escape From America Magazine, the Offshore Real Estate and Investment Magazine, and the soon-to-launch EscapeArtist Travel Magazine.

If you’re considering a move overseas — or have, perhaps, already settled on new shores — these could prove ideal outlets for articles about your own, new back yard.

— Lori
Lori Allen
Director, Great Escape Publishing

Escape From America Magazine and Offshore Real Estate Magazine

Dear Reader,

Escape From America Magazine and the Offshore Real Estate and Investment Magazine are the two established online monthly publications produced by Due to the popularity of the unique travel sections our third publication, EscapeArtist Travel Magazine is to be launched very soon.

We are constantly seeking articles on unique resources for those wishing to live an international lifestyle.

Although many of our stories are contributed, we do pay for articles that are particularly unique in nature. Each article submitted for pay is considered on its own merit and typically the author can expect to receive between US$100 – $300 for an article of between 2,000 – 3,000 words.

Your initial approach to should be by submitting your idea on the appropriate article submission. Your proposal will be assessed for suitability by one of our editors. An invitation to submit an article does not necessarily mean it will be accepted for pay, or indeed at all. If your article is of interest but not accepted for pay you may be asked if we can use it on a contributed basis.

To increase your chances of being invited to submit an article your idea submission should be quite specific about your subject matter and concisely written. Wading through volumes of text to try and ascertain exactly what you have in mind is tedious and your submission is likely to end in the deleted folder. There is no need to try and make your initial approach witty or out of the ordinary. We just want the bare bones of the idea.

Many of our current paid writers started out by initially contributing their work and have benefited from the exposure their articles receive by being published by Our team of editors are happy to support and encourage novice writers through their professional editing and by making suggestions on how they can improve their writing style.

Articles should be submitted in word doc format sent as an email attachment. We welcome photographs preferably in .jpg format, sent as separate email attachments.

If you want further information or guidance you are invited to write directly to the appropriate editors of each of the magazines.

Susan Beverley – Editor in Chief for

[Editor’s Note: Learn more about opportunities to profit from your travels (and even from your own home) in our free online newsletter The Right Way to Travel.]

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