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Travel enthusiast Janna Graber and a select group of print journalists started this monthly travel e-zine in 2003. Today they boast subscribers in more than 40 countries. Google just named them one of seven globally-trusted travel contributors (alongside biggies such as Frommer’s, National Geographic and Lonely Planet).

Go World Travel Magazine aims to cover “the world’s most fascinating people and places.” By reading several issues, you can see the eclectic mix of travel humor, personal-experience essays, high-end stories (such as about fine wines) and outright adventure (such as skydiving). In their articles they want detailed descriptions of a destination. The objective is to have their readers really experience a place.

Jen Stevens, author of The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program, offers expert advice on how to do just that in Lesson # 6, titled “Three Things Every Successful Travel Article Does Well.” I recommend you reread it before you sit down to write for Go World Travel.

Each issue of Go World Travel carries at least six features, and they run 700-1,200 words. The pay is $25 (on publication) for nonexclusive online rights. (I sold Go World Travel a profile of a local artist — a Fascinating People feature.)

The publication is highly visual, so photos are important. If you wish to include photographs, they should be scanned at 200 dpi and sent via email or via postal mail. However, Go World Travel asks that you don’t include photos with your article until you are asked to do so.

There are also a number of departments such as Short Trips, Good Reads and Reflections, these short items and reviews run from 200-600 words and pay $15.

Here are a couple of tips for working with Go World Travel:

11.) They will consider reprints. If you have a suitable article in your portfolio, you could submit it today for consideration. Just include where and when the article has appeared.

2.) One thing that is a little unusual about Go World Travel is they prefer completed manuscripts (.doc files), so don’t go the usual route of sending a query letter, send the completed article instead.

Subscriptions to Go World Travel are free. The e-zine is put out by Go World Publishing and Productions of Golden, CO., which also runs a video company.

And my final tip for this publication is really a heads-up if you’re attending the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop in Colorado next month: Go World Publishing will soon be starting up another e-zine, focusing on Colorado. If you are attending this year’s workshop this could be a good opportunity to research article ideas for this new publication.

Send your articles for Go World Travel Magazine to: submissions@goworldtravel.com, but first study the detailed guidelines at http://www.goworldtravel.com/submissions/

By Roberta Beach Jacobson
For The Write Way to Travel

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