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I want to be perfectly frank here. If I told you it would be a snap to take home six figures a year writing travel articles, I’d be lying.

The truth of the matter is: For many — perhaps even most — travel writers, travel writing is a side-line career…a way to write off their vacations on their taxes…a way to reduce their travel expenses and explore the world as a VIP.

Travel writing is undeniably romantic. But let’s face it — you’re not likely to rake in $100,000 a year just writing about hotels and far-flung excursions. You’ll see the world in a way most people never will. You’ll have a great time. Your neighbors and friends will be green with envy. But you won’t get super rich.

That’s why we put together The Lucrative Traveler’s Toolkit.

Because six figures a year is well within your reach when you expand your focus just a little bit.

You see, when you take the very same skills and talents you’ve already honed as a travel writer and apply them, as well, to snapping photos while you’re on the road and picking up good-value souvenirs… it’s downright easy to turn a travel habit into an incredibly lucrative income.

It’s not a stretch to say you could earn $8,000 or more a month. In fact, I know one couple who does exactly what I’m talking about and rakes in ten times that — more than $1 million a year.

In The Lucrative Traveler’s Toolkit you’ll meet them — and they’ll show you exactly how they do it.

Read on below for more information about an opportunity to turn your love of travel into a lucrative entrepreneurial business that can deliver not just the freedom to travel anywhere, anytime… but a six-figure income, too.

Lori Appling
Director, Great Escape Publishing


Behind closed doors in a swank boutique hotel in San Antonio, an expert panel of savvy international travelers met for three days.

They had one singular purpose in mind: to reveal every secret and technique they use to not just pay for their travels… but turn a profit on every trip.

You might not have been there in the room… but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out.

With the Lucrative Traveler’s Toolkit, you’ll learn just how easy it can be to combine travel writing, photography, and import-export to fund a lifetime of travel… earn $100,000 or more a year… and gain the freedom, flexibility, and wealth you deserve.

It’s everything our San Antonio attendees learned… in the comfort of your own home… and you get it all for 80% off…

Dear Reader,
Imagine if a vacation wasn’t something you scrimped and saved for once a year. Imagine if you could travel anywhere… anytime… and earn $100,000 or more while you’re at it.

You could spend three months a year in the Turks and Caicos or some other island paradise where blue waters lap up on talcum white sand… you could take a month to explore the markets and craft villages of Madagascar… or rent an apartment for a few weeks in Florence to discover the city with an insider’s eye… and all the while be earning a lucrative income…

The good news is: That lifestyle is closer — a lot closer — than you probably imagine.

You see, if you’ve ever come home from a trip and called a friend to tell him about your experiences or even scribbled an email account of what you did… if you’ve ever taken snapshots to remember the monuments you’ve visited and the people you’ve met… if you’ve ever brought home souvenirs from your travels…

Then you’re already halfway there.

It’s just a matter of turning those habits into real, money-making tools that can fund a lifetime of travel.

With our Lucrative Traveler’s Toolkit, you’ll learn exactly how to do it… how to take a triple-barrel approach to travel and combine travel writing, photography, and import-export to earn $100,000 or more a year traveling the world like a VIP.

Over three intense, power-packed days at our Lucrative Traveler Conference, our experts in San Antonio focused on nothing else. And we recorded every word… made duplicates of every slide… grabbed a copy of each paper handed out… captured every answer to every question and every off-hand remark…

And now you can learn all the secrets and techniques these experts shared… in the comfort of your favorite chair.


You know, it sounds likes such a romantic idea — earning a six-figure income while you travel the world… living on permanent vacation… enjoying the freedom and independence to call “home” anywhere your heart desires.

But it doesn’t have to be a fantasy. Consider these folks…

You could find yourself in Wandi Stewart’s shoes. She traveled to Ecuador and visited Otavalo and Cotacacci markets, where she met local artisans and bought several pieces of artwork, a tapestry, and some clothing. She brought these gifts home to Atlanta, to give away to her friends and family.

“People were just amazed at the quality and craftsmanship of the things she had brought back. So she asked her friends, “Would you actually pay for these things?” her friends not only gave her a resounding “yes,” but placed orders for her next trip.

“This workshop actually covers the “nuts and bolts” that give beginners a means to get started and experienced writers ways to improve.  I was somewhat skeptical but was very pleased with the depth and breadth of content.” — Juanita Ruth One

A few weeks later, Wandi returned to Ecuador, met several local artists whose work she liked, and shipped back about 800 pounds of tapestries, blankets, musical instruments, masks, clothing, paintings, and other local crafts.

Upon returning to the States, she sold everything she had bought. She was able to mark up the paintings as much as 800%. Hammocks sold for 600% more than she had paid.

“…it’s a lot of fun,” says Wandi. “I spend my days in markets, museums, and art galleries, and I get to meet people I’d never have the chance to meet otherwise. On my last trip to Ecuador, for example, I felt like I was on safari, trying to track down a mask artist who lived high in the mountains outside Otavalo. There were no phone lines or street signs. Finally I stumbled upon the village… and was able to strike a deal.”

Wandi sells her Ecuadorian discoveries at crafts shows and festivals and in small boutiques in Atlanta, Georgia. “It’s great,” she says. “It allows me to travel as often as I want to Ecuador… and I’m covering all my travel costs.”


Or perhaps, like Sue Wright, you’ll find yourself strolling through the streets of Paris, France, your camera slung around your neck. You’ll let your instinct lead you down cobbled alleys and along the tree-lined shores of the Seine.

You’ll peek into shops, stop for coffee at a corner café, absorb the exhilarating sounds and smells and sights of this incredible city… capturing its mood on film. And then, when you return home, you’ll sell the photos you snapped… building your portfolio, your reputation as a photographer… and landing some fast cash, too.

“I learned so much about where to submit my work, photography, and a lot about import-export. Thanks!” — Barbara Stribling

Or maybe you’ll pay for your travels and pocket the rest by writing about what you discover. That’s what Sandra Kennedy has done. In fact, she’s done one better and landed a series of complimentary trips

She took a luxurious, four-day press trip to a spa resort in the Bahamas… and then sold an article about it.

Next month she’s off to a small town in Washington called Cascade. It was in dire straits after Boise-Cascade pulled out of town. But instead of letting their town die, a few townspeople worked together to build a resort where she’s been invited for an all-expenses-paid four days. And the manager there has arranged for her to visit the nearby ski resorts, too. She’ll sell articles about this destination too, of course.

Then Sandra and her husband Bill are heading off to the Riviera Maya in Mexico. There the resort where they’re staying is offering them a free “renewal of vows” ceremony — a Mayan Ceremony with a Spanish Translator. It’s perfect article fodder for the bridal magazines where she’s contacted editors.


When you combine the three skills you’ll learn about in our Lucrative Traveler’s Toolkit — travel writing, photography, and import-export — you’ll find they not only compliment each other nicely… and provide you the independence and flexibility you deserve… but together they offer you incredible six-figure income potential.

Our speakers in San Antonio revealed exactly how you can cash in. With our Lucrative Traveler’s Toolkit you’ll learn every one of their secrets and techniques —

** How to get pampered in paradise… then profit from it — Let the locals wine and dine you overseas… get all your expenses paid (including airfare and meals)… lounge on the beach… gallivant across Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, and beyond. Enjoy VIP treatment wherever you go. Then get paid to write about your experiences.

** How to make $12,600 on a single trip — Learn how to put together a powerful article-photo package that you can re-sell to dozens of publications and transform a single trip into tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket. (That’s what B. Howard, our savvy photographer and travel writer does. He doesn’t even bother writing articles or marketing photographs he doesn’t think will sell at least 10 times. He’ll show you exactly how you can do it, too.)

** The secret behind the $10,000 photograph — Learn how (even with a simple point-and-shoot) you can take the kind of photos that sell for $150 to $800 each — and then keep re-selling for years to come. Rich Wagner will tell you how he’s earned $10,000 on a picture of a pumpkin patch that sits 10 minutes away from his home. Plus he’ll show you how you can turn your own home town into a $700/week goldmine.

“I’ve been to many weekend workshops on a wide variety of topics from basket making to computer literacy.  This workshop was the best organized yet in terms of valuable information presented very clearly by knowledgeable and personable professionals in writing, photography, and import/export businesses.  Kudos to all involved.” — Margaret Sansom

** How to travel to your favorite country 5, 10, 15 — as many times as you want — and write off every trip as a business expense — You know those souvenirs you brought back home from your last vacation? Learn how — step-by-step — to turn your shopping habit into a lucrative import-export business.

** Where to find the contacts who’ll buy your articles and photographs — We’ll show you exactly where to find editors, how to pitch stories to them, and how to keep them asking for more. This can lead to lifetime of complimentary travel… another way to write off your trips on your taxes… a steady income… not to mention an opportunity to see your words, photos, and name in print.

** Where to find the products that sell best and the contacts you need to ensure you’re finding the best deals and making the most money. Which products sell the best? Where can you find the best bargains? Who buys what? You’ll learn all that and more from our hot-shot panel of successful import-export veterans.


Plus, I want to be clear… you’ll find in the Lucrative Traveler’s Toolkit only practical, hands-on, in-the-real-world advice.

This program isn’t filled with high-fallutin’ theory. You’ll hear from experts who make a living as successful travel writers, photographers, and import-export business owners.

They tell it like it is. And they reveal the kind of information and intelligence it would take you months — even years — to track down on your own.

You’ll find out —

  • How couples can travel the world together making a six-figure (or even seven-figure) income…
  • Business, adventure, and tax-deductible travel: Ten steps to setting up your own import-export business…
  • Suitcase exporting: How to choose the right product and three profitable ways to bring it to market…
  • The fastest, surest, and easiest way to get an article published… and get paid…
  • The difference between an average snapshot and a photograph that will earn you thousands: eight professional techniques anyone can master…
  • Real goldmines: What to look for when you travel… plus three hotspots with dream potential…
  • Fund your travels before leaving home: The keys to selling locally…
  • Step-by-step instructions for landing your first — and twenty-first — assignment (even if you’re not a writer)…
  • The truth about digital: How to buy a camera… plus five easy Photoshop techniques that’ll make any photographer look like a pro (even if you’re using a standard point and shoot)…
  • How to find — and profit from — unique ideas and booming trends
  • The tricks to running a profitable import-export business: shipping, customs, storage, taxes, and more…
  • Building a million-dollar business: How to turn your passions into profit…
  • Where and how to find the best freelance assignments…
  • The trick to selling and advertising your products for the most profit possible
  • All expenses paid: How to parlay your skills into unbelievable travel perks
  • And much, much more…


We’ve designed this program carefully to ensure that it delivers every secret you need to make this year the year you launch a lifetime of lucrative travel.

Among the expert speakers you’ll hear from in the Lucrative Traveler’s Toolkit are —

Gary and Merri Scott, two of the world’s most savvy — and most accomplished — international travelers and business owners. Working and traveling together, they earn not just six figures — but seven figures — a year with their international businesses.

They’ve expertly turned their passion for travel into profit and have extensive experience importing a wide range of products to the U.S. — religious art from Ecuador, Rolls Royces and British titles from England, papier mache art from Mexico, scissors and tools from Germany, and more…

“Would I recommend this workshop to others? Absolutely. Unlike many workshops that have some ‘fluff’ or ‘dead space’ this one was full from start to finish of specific, detailed, useful information.” — Darlene Wood, Prescott, AZ

They are expert at finding markets where they can sell their products and at promoting them, as well. For instance, they placed handmade products made in orphanages in Mexico’s Yucatan in Bloomingdales and Bergdorf Goodman and saw them featured in House and Garden, New York Magazine, House Beautiful, Smithsonian Magazine, Southern Living, The New Yorker, and beyond. In the Lucrative Traveler’s Toolkit, they show you how you can do it, too. 


B. Howard is a master travel writer and photographer. He’s sold more than 600 articles and in excess of 3,000 photographs to such prestigious publications as Petersen’s PHOTOgraphic, Delta’s Sky, Golf Illustrated, Tours & Resorts, British Heritage, The Boston Herald, The Detroit Free-Press, and Writer’s Digest. He’s also the author of 13 travel guides and five how-to books — all filled with hundreds of his photographs.

As a photographer, he’s visited some of the world’s most beautiful spots: magnificent beaches, wild and remote mountain retreats, painted deserts, and most of the islands in the Caribbean. And he rarely pays a penny for his trips. In the Lucrative Traveler’s Toolkit, he shares his hard-won insights and shows you how it’s done.

“This was an education. How to enjoy making money — lower your stress while enjoying a relaxing way of life and get paid for it. What more can you ask for?” — Gene Price, Ecuador

Rich Wagner, an accomplished professional photographer, started out snapping photos in college for Pittsburgh newspapers. Photography remained a hobby during his 20-year career in retail. But in 1984, he opened a custom framing and fine art gallery. Rich’s current shop, Imagine It Framed, located in Simsbury, CT, recently earned the honor of being designated as one of “America’s Top 100” custom framers by Décor Magazine.

His images hang in public corporations and private foundations from San Diego to Boston and in homes from the Americas to the Far East. He’s captured in his lens everything from the rich colors and broad landscapes of the southwest to street studies in the Little Havana section of Miami. In the Lucrative Traveler’s Toolkit, Rich acts as your guide to shooting digital photos, teaching you everything from how to choose the camera that’s right for you to where to find lucrative local opportunities that can easily fund your travels.


Reece Guth began his import-export business by chance. He’d been offered a part-time job photographing the progress of a development project on Nicaragua’s Pacific coast. When his liaison there found out he had an interest in ceramics (he used to be a professional potter) she immediately insisted on driving him two hours to a quiet little village nestled in the hills between two sleeping volcanoes, to a spot that literally wasn’t on the map.

There, in San Juan de Oriente, he discovered the locals made beautiful pottery, a ceramic tradition that dates back to 1,000 BC. Fascinated, he brought some of the pottery back home with him as a souvenir.

People loved it — and today Reece runs a $100,000 a-year business bringing pottery back to the States to sell. There’s plenty of potential for growth, and he’s able to travel to Nicaragua anytime he wants (and always as a business expense, so it’s a write-off on his taxes).

What’s more, when he’s in Nicaragua, the potters and their families often invite him into their homes to talk about bringing their art to a wider audience. He says, “I am proud to present this work as a bridge, not only between cultures, but also in time.” In the Lucrative Traveler’s Toolkit, Reece passes on the many lessons he’s learned as an importer-exporter — from guidelines about what sells best to money-saving and money-making tips about shipping, customs, storage, taxes, and more.


Steenie Harvey is an accomplished and proven travel writer whose articles appear regularly in International Living, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, and The Washington Post and others. Recent travels have taken her to Malta, the Greek islands, Thailand, the jungles of Malaysian Borneo, Italy, and beyond.

She has also begun to add photography to her work. She says, “As a freelance travel writer, I’m serious about making my writing pay — which is why I always carry a camera. Editors often pay nearly as much for photos as for text. (Sometimes they pay even more).

“Whether you’re working with prints, slides, or digital, you certainly don’t have to be an expert to take publishable photos — I’m not. I don’t mind admitting that many of my early photos were as dull as ditch water. Even so, I just got 450 euros ($562) for a 1,400 word piece on Edinburgh PLUS another 300 euros ($375) for the six photos I sent with it. Not a bad wee haul for an amateur snapper!”

“I learned so much from the presenters and their materials. It was a wonderful confidence booster.” — Marge Green, Fair Oaks Ranch, TX

Adept at landing incredible assignments and an editor’s dream to work with, in the Lucrative Traveler’s Toolkit, Steenie explains exactly how she does it… and gives you every tool you need to follow in her footsteps — camera and pen in hand — and get paid to travel the world. Rarely does Steenie foot the bill for her own trips, and she’ll show you exactly what she does to land complimentary hotel rooms, meals, opera tickets, and more…


You don’t need a degree in journalism to write articles that will sell and get published in magazines and newspapers.

You don’t need fancy photography equipment to take photos that will earn you hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

You don’t need an MBA in international business, either. If you love hunting for bargains when you travel and toting home intriguing souvenirs, then you have what it takes to launch an import-export enterprise…

All you really need to prosper using this triple-barrel approach to travel is a passion for meeting new people and exploring new places… a good eye for detail… opinions (about why something or someplace is better or worse than another)… and a willingness to take obstacles in stride. Armed with those attributes and the insider secrets our experts reveal, you’ll be well on your way to success…

Let me be frank: I’d be painting an unrealistically rosy picture if I were to tell you that earning $100,000 a year while you travel would be all fun and completely trouble-free. The truth of the matter is: As with anything in life, you’re going to encounter pitfalls along the way — an article that doesn’t sell… a shipping snafu…

But that’s exactly what makes the Lucrative Traveler’s Toolkit such an incredibly valuable resource. Because we designed this program to shave months — if not years — off your learning curve.

Our experts gained their expertise on the ground. They made the mistakes… so you don’t have to. In this program they share with you their decades of hard-won, money-saving and money-making insights.

It means that you can be up-and-running… exploring the world like a VIP… traveling on somebody else’s dime… enjoying the freedom and flexibility and wealth this triple-barrel approach to travel can deliver… and you can be doing it within a handful of weeks.

“There’s so much good information here. I appreciate the realistic information and I would recommend this workshop to anyone.” — Pat Osborne, Camarillo, CA.


Attendees of our live Lucrative Traveler Conference in San Antonio paid as much as $2397 to attend that event. And in addition they had airfare and hotel and meals to pay for…

It was worth every penny, mind you. Indeed, there’s an argument to be made that you can’t beat a live setting… the rubbing elbows with the experts… the casual conversation… the networking opportunities.

But I have to say, our Lucrative Traveler Toolkit is — hands-down — the next-best thing to being there on the ground. We went to great lengths to ensure it delivers so close an experience to our live event that you’ll feel as if you’re in the room.

That’s because you don’t just get a few static-y cassettes. Instead, we’ll send you a digitally-mastered CD set that contains not just the voice recordings from each speaker’s presentations, but all of their Power Point slides as well.

You drop a CD into your computer, and the slides advance in sync with the experts’ commentary. Just like they did in the conference room in San Antonio.

Plus you’ll also receive every handout the speakers distributed… the full conference workbook (more than 100 intelligence-packed pages)… and three special reports: The Travel Writer’s Little Black Book, The Ultimate Photoshop Guide, and The Ten-Week Import/Export Business Blueprint.

We’re including a few extra items, too, which I’ll tell you about in just a minute. But first, let me cut to the chase…


Right now, for a limited time only — you gain all the same money-making, time-saving expertise our attendees in San Antonio got… but for a mere $299.

That’s a savings of more than 80% over the price the attendees at the live conference paid!

It means that — from the comfort of your favorite chair — you can learn how to vacation anywhere… anytime… and make a six-figure income while you’re at it. Others paid $2,397 for this intelligence. You pay just $299.

Now, I should make it clear — this is a special Pre-Press price. Our live conference has just come to a close, and so it’s going to take us a few weeks to get all the materials copied and ready to ship.

At that point, the price for the Lucrative Traveler’s Toolkit will increase to $399. But when you order now — before March 23, 2006 — you’ll save $100 off the regular price and pay just $299.


As always, our program is guaranteed. We feel so confident you’ll be pleased — and, in fact, downright impressed — with all the hard-won, money-saving, and money-making insights this program includes, that we invite you to check it out for 30 days.

If you don’t agree that it delivers the insiders’ secrets and techniques you need to fund a lifetime of lucrative travel, return the materials, unmarked, and we’ll refund your full payment. No questions asked. 

Now, about those extras I mentioned earlier…

When you order the Lucrative Traveler’s Toolkit today, we’ll send you —

    • A complete set of CD’s from the Lucrative Traveler Conference sessions, recorded live in San Antonio, Texas — including audio recordings of presentations by Steenie Harvey, B. Howard, Rich Wagner, Reece Guth, Gary and Merri Scott, and more.
    • Full PowerPoint slides to accompany each speaker’s presentations — mastered onto the CD’s so that you simply pop them your computer and watch as they advance in synch with the audio.
    • All of the accompanying handouts and materials, including an information- and resource-packed Conference Workbook
    • 3 Special Bonus Reports —

      Special Bonus # 1: The Travel Writer’s Little Black Book

      Special Bonus # 2: The Ultimate Photoshop Guide

      Special Bonus # 3: The Ten-Week Import/Export Business Blueprint

Plus… You’ll also receive a special add-on presentation by Guest Speaker Valerie Young, titled The Top Ten Dream Busters… and How to Avoid Them. This session received rave reviews in San Antonio, and no wonder.

Valerie, at the helm of, talked (in practical, step-by-step terms) about how to create for yourself a more balanced, rewarding life doing work you truly love. In this entertaining presentation, she offers you real-world solutions for overcoming your qualms and living life on your own terms. You’ll find her guidance invaluable as you transition to the lucrative traveler’s life.

And that’s not all… When you order your copy of Lucrative Traveler’s Toolkit today for the Special Pre-Press Discount price of just $299, we’ll also send you a voucher worth $100 — good toward any of our live travel writing, photography, or Lucrative Traveler workshops and conferences.

“This was inspirational to those of us seeking a career change. It was full of practical advice and inspiration from real people.” — Janice Takashima, Seattle, WA.


You know, it really is true: If you already tell people about your travel experiences… take snap shots… and search for the best (and often times, best-priced) souvenirs to bring home with you from a trip… then you’re closer — a lot closer than you may think — to a lifetime of lucrative travel.

It’s just a matter of turning those habits into real, money-making tools. And that’s exactly what our Lucrative Traveler’s Toolkit teaches you to do.

Take the incredible tips, techniques, and secrets you’ll learn in it to heart, and within a handful of weeks you could launch for yourself a whole new life…

You deserve the freedom, flexibility, and wealth this triple-barrel approach to travel offers… and there’s no better, more efficient, or more affordable way to get it than with the Lucrative Traveler’s Toolkit.

If you’re ready to vacation anywhere… anytime… and make $100,000 or more a year while you’re at it… then this is the place to start.


Lori Appling
Director, Great Escape Publishing

P.S. Most people won’t ever escape the drudgery of the 9-5 world. If they’re lucky, they’ll manage to get away for a week a year. But here’s a way for you to all but live on permanent vacation.

You could rent a high-ceilinged apartment in Buenos Aires and spend a month discovering the city, studying Spanish, and learning to tango… or maybe you’d prefer a few weeks spent island-hopping in the Caribbean… or perhaps a trip to Thailand where, in exotic cities and villages throughout the country, locals are creating fine crafts that would sell for many times their purchase price back home…

Armed with the hard-won, money-saving, and money-making insights our experts reveal in the Lucrative Traveler’s Toolkit, you really can be up-and-running fast… exploring the world like a VIP… traveling on somebody else’s dime… and enjoying the freedom, flexibility, and wealth this triple-barrel approach to travel can deliver…

[Editor’s Note: Learn more about opportunities to profit from your travels (and even from your own home) in our free online newsletter The Right Way to Travel.]