A Resource for the Dedicated Outdoor Enthusiast
By Roberta Beach Jacobson in Karpathos, Greece

Bushducks website is essentially a resource for the Land Rover 4 x 4 enthusiast. But in addition to information on where to get your Land Rover “cared for and cosseted” while on the road — the site also wants reports on your global adventures.

Don’t worry if you don’t own one of these vehicles as the Adventure Travel Tales section of this website is devoted to, well — travel tales. However, your article must have an outdoor theme or aspect.

Now, you needn’t have participated in the Monaco Grand Prix or hiked up a 14,000-foot peak to sell your story here. As the Writer’s Guidelines (http://www.bushducks.com/tripreps/submit.htm) say: “the tiniest of journeys can be an adventure.”

The Bushduck readers are interested in natural sporting activities — back country travel by SUV… fishing… hunting… hiking heritage or cultural trails… cycling… trips with pack animals… or simply landscape-appreciation journeys.

You can write a long piece for this website — the editors prefer pieces of 1000 to 3000 words — but any length will do as long as your writing style is informal and lively. Don’t lecture.

Also, keep your resource listings in check. Include plenty of how-to information in your article. And you can follow up with a few resources. But don’t provide listings of everything under the sun — the resources should compliment your story, not compete with it.

Tip: Make sure your adventure travel article doesn’t encourage or promote reckless behavior! Any article that does won’t be accepted.

Also, try to submit an article about an area that’s not been covered. If the area you wish to write about has already been covered, then make sure your piece has a unique angle.

When you’re ready to submit your article, paste it into an e-mail addressed to Bushducks@bushducks.com and make sure you type “Bushducks Adventure Report Submission” in the subject line.

Above your actual article, include a short note of introduction (a cover note, essentially) and include there, too, a bio of 50 words or less.

If you have digital photos, attach them. (They should be 72 dpi and attached as jpegs or tiffs.)

The editors try to respond to submissions within about four weeks. If they need to make major edits to your piece, they’ll discuss those edits with you. But they’ll make any minor changes necessary without contacting you and simply publish the piece.

Payment is $25 for three months exclusive electronic rights and indefinite archival right. You retain the copyright and can publish your work elsewhere, but they ask that you credit Bushducks Global Adventures with first publication.

An added bonus in getting published here is that your work has a chance of being selected in an anthology of Bushducks Global Adventures Travelogues. If it is, the editors will contact you to arrange for additional payment.

[Editor’s Note: Learn more about opportunities to profit from your travels (and even from your own home) in our free online newsletter The Right Way to Travel.]

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