[EDITOR’S NOTE: Unfortunately this site no longer exists.]

By Roberta Beach Jacobson

Editor Odysseas Psarris wants everybody to know about Greek travel! He launched a new travel e-zine in September 2006 dedicated to highlighting travel to and vacationing in Greece. The website, www.igogreece.com, has been profiled in a number of Greek newspapers and magazines, AND even in a few computer magazines too.

Contributors get paid for their articles and rates are negotiated.

While Psarris is not concerned about how long a travel article is, he wants photographs to accompany each article.

He has no actual Writer’s Guidelines as yet. That said, his destination articles are somewhat structured. You can use the following as a guide — though not every article will contain every single point:

– overview
– a bit of history
– how to get around
– regions (or towns) to visit
– sightseeing
– where to stay
– where to eat
– nightlife
– where to swim
– local festivals or local products
– something unusual about the destination
– off-season visits
– facilities for the disabled
– connections (plane, boat, etc.)

Don’t get turned off by the long list. The reason Psarris suggests so many categories is that he likes to break up an article into smaller pieces.

“Nightlife” might be presented on its own with a photo while “where to swim” might run as a filler with another picture elsewhere in the e-zine.

I “met” this editor when he saw one of my articles about living in Greece on another website. He asked me to write an article for him about small island life.  You can read my article when you visit the website.

The editor’s future plans include adding book reviews to the website.

Can you recommend any good reads about Greece? If you have unique travel ideas, go ahead and pitch them to Psarris. He’s definitely open to new ways of thinking about travel to present to his readers.

When you visit the online magazine, (http://www.igogreece.com), you can sign up for a free newsletter. If you want to contact the editor directly, his email is: psarriso@igogreece.com

Note: This travel magazine will be receiving lots of exposure when it’s presented at the upcoming travel fair in Athens. So a by-line here could prove a very useful clip.

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