An Interview with Travel Writing Student F.Larosse

LA: Before we get started why don’t you tell us a little about yourself. What attracted you to travel writing?

F. LAROSSE: I live in a little suburb of Philadelphia, PA called Stowe. For the past fifteen years, I worked as an advertising consultant for our local newspaper. Two months ago, I made the big decision to walk away from that profession. I wanted to spend time with my new grandson and to pursue the many interests I haven’t seemed to be able to find time for in the past.

Shortly before that, I came across The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Course. Since writing and travel are two of my biggest passions; I decided there’s no time like the present!

LA: You recently wrote us and said that you’ve had some success getting published with your article “Bikes on Trains”. Can you tell us how that story came to life?

F. LAROSSE: There is a local magazine that caters to the Motorcycle Market. Generally the stories are about different types of bikes, events etc. I sent an email to the editor proposing a travel story with a unique twist of likely interest to his readers. He immediately emailed me back saying he loved the idea and wanted to discuss the angle before I left for the journey.

The story is based on a trip that my husband, his parents, and I will take on motorcycles this Fall. We’ll travel down the eastern seaboard to Washington DC to catch the “Autotrain” and then head on to Florida.

As a longtime reader of the magazine, I felt I understood the “flavor” of its stories. I simply presented my pitch in a humorous way targeting the specific audience. Then I took the bull by the horns and just emailed the editor!

LA: In your note to me, you credited your success to Great Escape Publishing’s written travel-writer program. What specifically do you think helped you to get started?

F. LAROSSE: The assignment that walks you through the writing and submission of a “pretend destination” article was great. After doing this, I figured — why not go through with the actual process and see how it goes for real! I would not have found the courage to just email the editor without the sufficient information so clearly and specifically laid out for me.

LA: Why would you recommend the course to others?

F. LAROSSE: The course is very informative and walks you through every step of the way. If writing has ever been a dream of yours, this program will provide you with every little tid-bit of information you could possibly need to fulfill that dream. The resources you will find on the website are priceless.

LA: What advice would you give to new students who haven’t yet had an article published?

F. LAROSSE: You can be your own best friend or your own worst enemy. By that I mean, you can just sit yourself down and get to business or you can wander through your day and give yourself a million excuses why you can’t find time to write.

I usually write at my desk in my living room. Almost always at the same time of day as well- between 6 and 8 AM. I find the silence and peacefulness from that time of day leaves my mind well-rested.and that way I can make sure it gets done before anything else gets in the way!

Make your writing a priority. No excuses. Keep plugging away. Remember that writing is important. But, without following through — searching for and contacting those editors who need articles, your stories might as well stay in your head!

Be courageous, take chances and above all…BE PERSISTENT. If one magazine says no, don’t take it personally. Use that information and find the magazine that CAN use it!

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