In honor of our photography workshop, coming up in Charleston, South Carolina this month, we’d like to pay tribute to Charleston’s good ol’ southern charm. That’s why April’s photo challenge theme is: HOSPITALITY AND WELCOME. Pictures might include, for example: * A hostesses or restaurant server seating people or delivering food to a table * Kindness shown by a concierge or hotel employee when welcoming guests * Architectural shots of homes and entrances that are charming and inviting * Churches and other organizations that publicize open doors for strangers * A teacher welcoming a child into school * Pineapples and other symbols of welcome * A person or institution that offers food or shelter * A shop owner welcoming you through her door * A hostess at home, welcoming guests to a beautifully appointed dinner table * A welcome or hospitality shown in another culture or country If you don’t have any of these shots in your portfolio, head out this week with your camera and pledge to find them.  Or better yet, use your family as models and set the stage for your own photograph. Submissions for this month’s challenge are due by 8:00 a.m. EST on Monday, April 23, 2007.  You can submit your photos by clicking on the “Enter to Win” tab on our website: Look for a list of winners from last month’s challenge in next week’s Photo Tip. [Editor’s Note: Learn more about how you can turn your pictures into cash in our free online newsletter The Right Way to Travel.  Sign up here today and we’ll send you a new report, Selling Photos for Cash: A Quick-Start Guide, completely FREE.]

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