You CAN sell flower photos as stock. How do I know? Because this flower photo makes up about a third of my total stock photo income:

Colorful tulip flowers

It’s not a great photo, but it is unique. The fact that the flowers are isolated on white means that designers can “float” it into any design they please. This spring, when the tulips were in bloom again, I attempted to remake the shot, only slightly better, at the same tulip field near my home. Here’s what I got: Photo of colorful tulip flowersPink tulip flowers

I think (and hope!) that these will do well for me. Stock agencies already have millions of flower photos. If you want to sell yours, you’ve got to make them stand out. Here are a few ways:

  • Make them REALLY good – eye-catching with perfect composition, exposure, focus…
  • Add your own twist to make them unique (different angles, themes, concepts, etc.)…
  • Find rare flowers that aren’t already selling all over stock sites (and make sure to include the common and scientific names in your keywords)…

There aren’t a lot of flower beds isolated on white, so I’ve got something unique going for me with these. Breakfast Stock Club Premium members – see this month’s Challenge Roadmap for LOTS of tips on making your flower photos saleable as stock. And don’t forget that the Challenge ends tonight at midnight — so get your ONE best flower photo in for group critique.

And EVERYONE who wants to sell flower photos — or any photos — as stock: go to a few stock agencies to see what’s selling there first. Then, shoot some new photos and upload them!

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