Are you reading this in the bathroom right now?

According to, nearly 90% of Verizon users owned up to using their phones in the bathroom. And a number of surveys across carriers report the same thing.

Wherever you use your phone… from the local café to waiting in the check-out line, now you can use those little stolen moments to sell your photos.

You may not have a full day to devote to selling your photos this month… but if you have a phone and few minutes here and there, you can still get started.

For phone photos, I like to use the Shutterstock Contributor app, which you can find and download from Apple’s iTunes or the Google Play store. 

It’s fun, simple, and you can do it anytime, anywhere!

Here’s how it works…

1. Select a few photos in your phone that are well-composed, have a clear main subject, and don’t have any logos or trademarks in them.

Submit your phone photos for sale with this app...

2. Share them to the “Contributor” app. Here’s what it looks like on my Google phone. You may have to look around, but it should be similar on your phone.

Submit your phone photos for sale with this app...

3. If it gives you the option, make sure to select “actual size.”

Submit your phone photos for sale with this app...

4. You’ll see the photos loading in the app… then it will prompt you to start adding keywords and details.

Submit your phone photos for sale with this app...

5. Here’s the great part. You can leave your photos in there, and come back to add details to them, one by one, whenever you have time, anywhere you happen to be. Yes, even in the bathroom.

Once you add a description, the app suggests keywords. You can choose some of its suggestions and add your own.

Here’s an example:

6. Next, you’ll select a category and hit “submit.”

That’s it! In a few minutes here and there, you can slowly “trickle” photos into your portfolio, getting them out in front of potential buyers across the world.

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