February’s photo challenge theme is Paint the Town Red.

You could give that a Valentine’s spin, in which red might symbolize love or passion — maybe a romantic evening with red roses on the table.

Or, you could take an entirely different approach. After all, red is a strong color with a broad range of associations, from hot to powerful to passionate to sacred.

As readily as it symbolizes love, it can also symbolize very different emotions — like anger or jealousy. As long as you keep your photo within the bounds of good taste, interpret the color any way you like.

Your picture might include red animals, patterns in nature (red rocks or red flowers), interesting architecture, or even food. Fine art prints and abstract photos are perfectly acceptable too — as long as they include the color red (see: http://tinyurl.com/35sgza for advice on taking abstract photos).

Be sure to think about the emotion behind your shot and the feeling you want your viewers to have when they look at it. To win, your photo must be interesting and unique.

I’ll send you a list of winners from last month’s challenge in next week’s Weekly Photo Tip.

Good luck!

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