The grand prize goes to [insert drum roll here]

(See it here:

I am so pleased to present to you this year’s grand prize winner, The Saint’s Red.

I asked all the staff for their thoughts and comments on those photos that were emerging as the top shots. One of them nailed my thoughts on this image… she said The Saint’s Red has the most emotional appeal for her.

What makes this such a good image is exactly that “emotional appeal.” It may not be as technical as some shots (the focus of the photo, the girl on the right, isn’t on a thirds line) but there is also nothing technically wrong with it. It is more of a documentary-style shot — fine art if you will. There is action, motion, and aliveness to it.

Two photos tied for second place …

I’ve Got My Eye on You by mikesimages and Last Light @ Lake Eola by Randy. (See them both here:

Each one of those winners will receive a complimentary copy of The Lucrative Traveler’s Toolkit, a $399 value.
Congratulations to all our winners!

The race to the finish was extremely close. Thanks for your vote. And thanks for participating throughout the year.

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