It’s true — if you can make your photographs more distinctive, you’ll make them more saleable.  There are millions of pictures of the Eiffel Tower for sale, for instance, so if you want yours to stand out among them, you’ll have to find a distinctive way of shooting the Eiffel Tower. Framing is one way to do that.  And no, I don’t mean the framing that goes around your picture to mount or display it on the wall.  I mean compositional framing — using nearby walls or trees to create a frame within your photograph. Let’s take a look at a few examples from this month’s photo challenge entries.

Photo Composition Tip: “Frame out” Gray Skies

You can use framing to add interest to your pictures, but you can also use it to “frame out” dull or gray skies, like in this photo… This is a nicely framed shot. Presumably, the photographer could have zoomed past the foliage and branches here, but including them not only “frames the image,” but it makes the shot more interesting and allows the photographer to eliminate the dull skies. My guess is that this shot taken beyond the trees would have been rather lifeless. Those gray skies would have dominated the picture and spoiled the mood.

Photo Composition Tip: Framing with Doorways

I like this next shot too (although it’s not exactly level)… This is a lovely image in so many ways, but for today let’s look at how nicely the subject is framed within the ornate doorway. And by including the step at the bottom, this shot is held on all four sides — very nicely done! And here’s another shot from this month’s challenge that uses a doorway to frame the shot… Rather than shoot this straight on, the angles provide interest. And more than just a frame, this door provides a sense of place and deepens the story of the photograph. Next time you’re out with your camera in tow, shoot with an eye to framing your shots and see how this technique can improve them. ENTER TO WIN! This month’s challenge ended a little early — the entry deadline was this past Monday. You can check out the many wonderful entries yourself by logging on to our website at: And look for next Wednesday’s issue, when we’ll announce our photo challenge theme for May. [Editor’s Note: Learn more about how you can turn your pictures into cash in our free online newsletter The Right Way to Travel.  Sign up here today and we’ll send you a new report, Selling Photos for Cash: A Quick-Start Guide, completely FREE.]

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