We often talk about how to sell your photos to three different markets:

  1. Stock photo agencies
  2. Magazines, newspapers, and websites
  3. Fine art

If you have photos to sell (or you’d like to take photos you can sell), it’s important, first, to think about which market is best suited for the kinds of photos you have or like to take.

Breakfast Stock Club Creator, Bonnie Caton created a short video about these three markets (plus four more) with examples of photos that sell best to each and how much you can expect to earn in each.

Watch it here:

Seven Best Markets Where You Can Sell Your Photos

And if you need some advice on what kind of equipment to buy, you’ll also find a handy camera guide created by professional photographer, Rich Wagner below.

Click on the link below to download this guide:

Camera Buying Guide

It’s all to help you get out there with your camera and sell some photos this year. Enjoy!

(*Note: Our 2018 Ultimate Photographer’s Workshop only happens once a year and literally changes lives. If you apply what you learn, it can easily pay for itself. We’re already sold out for this year’s event; however we’ll be making a special announcement soon about how you can still get an in at this fabulous event.)

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