Did you film a quick video clip with your phone yesterday? If not, you can catch up with the kick-off of our 2-minute video challenge here.

Today, videographer Tom Reissmann is back to take you to the next step… adding variety and fun to your shots.

So, grab your smartphone, press play below, then head out and take a clip to build on yesterday’s.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about the third step—an easy way to start adding people to your shots.

[Editor’s Note: Tom brings in $90,000 a year from his videos (doing it 9 months out of the year—the rest of the time he relaxes!), but he didn’t start out with any video training. Through trial and error, he cracked the code for selling short, fun travel videos in exchange for paychecks and amazing experiences all over the world. Here’s how it all works.]

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