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By Roberta Beach Jacobson, in Karpathos, Greece

HAWAII Magazine is targeted at those who love the islands. This bi-monthly regional publication has a paid circulation of 74,000, the majority of whom reside outside Hawaii.

The magazine’s mission is to bring the beauty, history, and culture of the islands to its readers between visits. And judging by the statistics, the readers travel there quite a lot, with almost 40% taking an annual trip.

PacificBasin Communications recently acquired HAWAII Magazine, and starting this year, it’s being published from Honolulu.

Travel articles are HAWAII Magazine’s mainstay and I discovered such a colorful array of topics, I just kept reading article after article at the website. The shortest feature I found ran about 1,200 words and some had useful tips in sidebars.

The January/February articles are targeted to keeping you entertained during a visit to the islands, with articles on “12 Great Things to Do” and a run-down on great island eating. An earlier issue targeted active types with a lot of good information about visiting Hawaii’s volcanoes, caves, and hiking trails.

Point is: The travel pieces run the gamut from staid to high-adventure.

First-time freelance writers are encouraged to submit completed manuscripts rather than to query the publication.  However, once you’ve had an article accepted for publication, you can handle subsequent articles through a query.

Submit your article or query to John Heckathorn, editor ( or Sheri Char, associate editor ( The editors prefer to receive your manuscript as a Word attachment to your email.

If you’d prefer postal mail, you can send your manuscript to: HAWAII Magazine, PacificBasin Communications, 1000 Bishop St., Ste. 405, Honolulu, HI 96813.

The pay range for regular features is $600-$1200. Shorter features start at $50 and run to $600. Payment is made upon publication. The publication requires first rights as well as exclusive license for 12 months from the date of publication.

You’ll find full writer’s guidelines here:

HAWAII Magazine also purchases photographs for publication. Queries on photography should be addressed to Jayson Harper, creative director (

The editors have just picked the winners for their 8th Annual Photo Contest (you can see the top pics online in the publication’s January/February issue. The Grand Prize winner bagged a trip for two to Hawaii. (Details of the next contest will be announced in the March/April issue… be sure to check it out!)

I saved the best news for last. Editors will consider Hawaii-related events held on the mainland. So if in your neck of the woods there is some Hawaii-related festival or activity, it might make great fodder for HAWAII Magazine.

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