“When we meet another person and experience the life they live as a local, it changes us.”—Joe Sindorf

Host, Jody Maberry brings us a returning guest, award-winning filmmaker and photographer, Joe Sindorf.

If there’s anyone who exemplifies living an exciting life, it’s Joe.

At the time of the podcast recording, Joe is in the process of packing to go to Namibia…again.

Jody shares his observations about Joe…

“When Joe travels, I see him posting photos on social media of landscapes which are always gorgeous, but he also posts photos of himself with locals. Joe, that’s my question to you. You always seem to be connected to the locals, how do you make that happen?”

Joe shares his insights…

“I enjoy people, but I’m not really an extrovert…that’s my wife! I tend to seek out one or two people and they tend to bring me to others.”

Connecting with locals has brought Joe some incredible experiences… and friendships.

He shares an example of his time in Petra, Jordan where camel driver “Mohammad #10” opened his home up to Joe and Great Escape members for tea, laughs and music.

“It’s those kinds of moments that will stick in a traveler’s mind forever,” says Joe. “It takes a very cool photographic experience and turn it into an even more amazing personal experience.”

Joe shares the advantages of what comes from interactions with locals and how he develops those relationships.

Caviar, toast and vodka with Russians anyone?

If you’re interested in traveling with us to a new destination, you can learn more about their upcoming trips here: https://www.greatescapepublishing.com/events/.

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