“Travel writing and photography help memorialize chunks of your life.” –Lori Allen

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Host, Jody Maberry is joined by Director, Lori Allen, to talk about life…

Is life too short? Or is it something that’s long and requires a long term plan?

Sometimes it’s ok to live as if life is short: packing in everything you want to do and say before it’s too late.

But we’re living longer and longer, so having a long term plan for your life is a good idea.

Lori believes people are meant to build things…

“As human beings, we’re meant to build things, to have a purpose in our lives. If we lose sight of the long term plan, we lose sight of the purpose in our lives.”

Jody shares the story of a friend who—when her last child left home—stated she felt like she had been fired from her job.

It happens to people when they become an empty nester, retire or lose a spouse.

“When you’ve had one purpose for 20 or 30 years or more, a change like this can turn your life upside down,” Lori says.

When life changes… change directions: Find something to build.

Building something like a travel writing or photography career can give your life a long term purpose and help you memorialize time.

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