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Would you like to go to Spain, rent a car, and drive along the coastline, stopping in hidden beach towns along the way and chatting with locals? Explore the markets in Panama and bargain with ease? Simply chat with your neighbor back home in her language?


Learning Spanish can help you make genuine connections with people in 60 different Spanish-speaking countries all over the world. And we can help you start speaking in just one hour – even if you’re not a “language person.Our breakthrough mind techniques help you absorb Spanish fast and easy, with relaxation and fun. No memorizing, no conjugating, no classrooms. Take a sneak peek at our revolutionary new language program below!

Program Details

With Great Escape Spanish you’ll…


  • Get access to a fun new way of language learning that will have you speaking after just one day
  • Be able to speak with confidence the next time you set foot in Mexico, Spain, Argentina, or any Spanish speaking country of your choice
  • Improve your IQ effortlessly
  • Increase your quality of life and stave off the onset of disease
  • Get out of your shell, gain self-esteem, and boost confidence!
  • And more

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