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Can You Take A Simple Photograph?

If yes, you could make $200-$2,000 a week taking snap shots in your own backyard… on your family vacations… or anywhere in the world you care to travel.

You don’t need fancy equipment. And you don’t need to know a thing about photography to get started. You don’t even have to quit your day job (if you don’t want to, that is). Most photographers I know are turning a picture here and a snapshot there into an extra $150…$400…even $800 in their spare time.

This program includes everything you need to do to start (or jump-start) your career as a freelance photographer — and start earning a profit. And with the newly improved online edition, you’ll get access to convenient, downloadable chapters (that you’ll be able to access anywhere!) and brand new instructional VIDEOS showing you techniques that will help you get started selling your photos faster than ever. This third edition ensures you’ll gain the skills you need to start cashing in on your photos right away.

Get started today with Turn Your Pictures into Cash: A Comprehensive Course in Taking and Selling Amazing Photographs for just $45 for your first installment and only $35 per month for the eleven monthly installments that follow.

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Great Escape French

If you’re a fluent English speaker, then locked deep inside your brain is the knowledge of how to speak French. And you can learn how to unlock it in a single day—even if you’re not a “language person”.

Studies show that speaking a second language can: make you smarter, help you earn you more money, increase your IQ score, delay the onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s and lead to a better overall quality of life.

Try our Great Escape French program today and you’ll be on your way to speaking French in as little as a single afternoon.

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