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When an editor says: “Yes, we’d like you to write the article for us. We’ll also comp your hotel and meals for your entire stay…” That’s music to a travel writer’s ears. Sounds too good to be true? Well, this is standard fare for travel writers who follow the success tips that Roy Stevenson gave out this past weekend in San Diego. Roy should know. He’s had over 900 articles published in the seven years since he first attended one of our Ultimate Travel Writer’s Weekends. Besides the money he’s earned, Roy’s been on trips many people will only dream about. Like the time he and his wife spent 28 days in Bali, staying at high-end resorts and spas, all amenities included. Or their luxury cruise down the Burgundy Canal, where they hopped off to bike through the French countryside and sampled fine wines along the way. Roy didn’t have any special advantages when he started out. He had no writing experience, no industry connections, and no published pieces. You don’t need anything special either. For beginners, Roy offers this helpful travel writer information:

  • Look for lesser-known niche publications at bookstore magazine racks and specialty newsagents. Everyone pitches their stories to the 10 big travel magazines. Few writers try lesser-known publications that aren’t about straight travel. With less competition, it’s easier to get a by-line.
  • Consider your interests, and combine them with travel to sell more stories.  Doctors and nurses can pitch travel stories to medical magazines and trade reports.  Farmers and chefs can consider agriculture and foodie magazines.  And knitters and quilters can combine their interest in craft making with their travel to sell stories to publications dedicated to those hobbies.
  • And, finally, don’t wait around for a “yes” with your hands tied behind your back.  Send multiple submission queries. Pitch three to five different publications at the same time.  You might need to vary your slant just a little.  But ultimately, you can likely sell the same story several times with different angles.  “It’s a numbers game,” says Roy who now has a 90% success rate with his pitches.  That means 90% of his article ideas are now picked up and published by editors following these guidelines.
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